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2023 D3 Electric Vehicle in Arctic Grey


This is the ultimate golf cart!! You have to see it in person. Very large Information/ media screen similar to todays new vehicles. Factory optioned with a refrigerator on board!! Glass front windshield with a wiper. Equipped similar to a car! Street legal with seat belts. Options like you have never seen on a cart before, and all factory options included. They come one way, fully loaded. Financing available. 


Unit is available in other colors, please call for details. 306-242-7637(RODS)


BATTERY POWERED: Complete with a lithium-ion battery with a fast charging speed, more charge cycles, and less maintenance.

COMFORT:This model provides you with unmatched maneuverability, increased comfort and performance.

WARRANTY: We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and 5 year warranty on the batteries.

Features may include:

LED LIGHT: Powerful LED lights with less drain on your unit's battery, and delivering 2-3 times wider field of vision than our competitors, so you can enjoy the ride worry-free, even after the sun goes down.

DASHBOARD: Adding personality and style to your cart, your dashboard is designed to improve aesthetic, comfort and function.

STORAGE: Use your key fob to open up more storage in the front hood, when functionality meets style.

REFRIGERATOR: The built-in removable refrigerator is a key feature in your new D3, giving you a convenient way to transport food and drink without stress or a mess! Plugging into your vehicle's accessory outlet, makes keeping things chilled a breeze.

CHARGING PORT: Your new ride can be fully charged in 5 hours and delivers more than 60 km’s of run time between charges. Our battery management systems have been developed to regulate heat, eliminating risk of overcharging or overheating.

WINDSHIELD: With a rotary switch, the angle of the windshield is easily adjusted. Enjoy a cool breeze on a hot summer day or block yourself from the elements when the weather turns windy.


2024 HDK D3

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