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2024 D5 Ranger 6 - Pearl White


Looking for the ultimate party cart? Look no further, as the D5 Ranger 6 can take 6 passengers in style wherever the party is going! A party soundbar with lights provides the tunes, and premium finishes on the D5 line make it the luxury liner of the HDK line up!


Features on this cart include:


  • 110 Ah 51.2V lithium Ion Battery with 5 year warranty
  • 6.3 kw DC motor, 110V onboard smart charger
  • 14" aluminum wheels – On-road/Turf tires
  • Regular suspension height
  • LED automotive styled headlights, high beams, signal lights, brake/tail lights
  • Signal indicators in rear view mirrors
  • Hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes - Automatic parking brake.
  • Seats 6 - Buckets with arm rests and 4 shoulder belts.
  • USB phone chargers for all rows of passengers
  • Removable trunk
  • 3 glove-boxes
  • Advanced touchscreen with speedometer, video player, Bluetooth for calls and music, radio, back up camera and  battery Status indicator
  • Party sound bar with lights
  • Automotive styled dash with tilt steering column.
  • Premium finishes
  • Folding full windshield with individual ventilation


$20,500 plus taxes


Call 306-242-RODS (7637) For more details.

SOLD - 2024 HDK D5 Ranger 6

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