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2024 Forester 4 Plus - Red - Chiefs Team Package (500$)


Including off-road capabilities with lifted suspension, off-road tires, wider stance and large motor, the Forester 4 also allows you to take 2 more people onboard or flip the rear seat over and the loading deck can haul 100 lbs of cargo. The “Plus” also gives you a larger battery and upgraded motor, and touchscreen media center – Destination: FUN!


Features on this cart include:


  • 110 Ah 51.2V lithium Ion Battery with 5 year warranty
  • 6.3 kw DC motor, 110V onboard smart charger
  • 14" aluminum wheels with color matching inserts – Off-road tires
  •  Lifted suspension – Wide stance – Fender flares
  • Seats 4 - includes storage trunk and utility deck
  • LED headlights, signal lights, brake/tail lights, horn, and side mirrors
  • Hydraulic 4-wheel brakes – Disc in front, drums in rear - Automatic parking brake.
  • Two speed controller
  • Battery Status indicator
  • 6 cup holders
  • Folding full windshield
  • Touchscreen with speedometer, video player, Bluetooth for calls and music, radio, back up camera - two speakers included
  • 16 colors, or order to match!


$15,500 plus taxes


Call 306-242-RODS (7637) For more details.

2024 HDK Forester 4 Plus

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