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2023 HDK Electric Vehicles Turfman 700. This the perfect unit for hauling dumping dirt, carrying tools etc. Perfect acreage work horse. Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery. This unit is available in lots of colors. Full media screen to listen to music, watch movies and even a back up camera etc. Full light package for street legal use. This cart is loaded!!

Unit is available in other colors, please call for details. Financing available.

WARRANTY: We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and 5 year warranty on the batteries.

BATTERY POWERED: Complete with a lithium-ion battery with a fast charging speed, more charge cycles, and less maintenance.

COMFORT: This model provides you with unmatched maneuverability, increased comfort and performance.

Features may include:

CARGO BOX: Hauling heavy loads around the lake lot, farm, ranch and more just got easier. The thermoplastic cargo box gives you plenty of space for anything you need to transport. If you need strong and durable, the HDK Turfman is for you.

ELECTRONIC LIFT: With an Electronic Lift, The HDK Turfman offers ease of use, increased safety and reduced operator fatigue!

HITCH: Each Turfman comes with a hitch for easy towing.

MEDIA CENTER: Full media screen with backup camera, the ability to listen to radio, bluetooth music, downloaded music, watch movies, and use cellular calling with built in speakers.

BACK UP CAMERA: Backing up can be tricky, which is why the Forester 4 seater plus has a backup camera easily used with the Media Center screen!

LED LIGHT: Powerful LED lights with less drain on your unit's battery, and delivering 2-3 times wider field of vision than our competitors, so you can enjoy the ride worry-free, even after the sun goes down.

DASHBOARD: Adding personality and style to your cart, your new color matched dashboard is designed to improve aesthetic, comfort and function.

USB CHARGER: Allowing the user to charge electronic devices on the run, the usb charger on your new unit has voltage protection.


SOLD 2023 HDK Turfman 700

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